Across the Porteño Group portfolio, our passion for food and drink is at the heart of everything we do, and we believe they often are, and should be, at the heart of a fantastic event.

Our staff are responsible for some of Sydney’s most exciting venues including Porteño Restaurant, Bodega, and Bodega 1904, and are partners of a variety of other renowned Sydney favourites

Our events staff are well-versed in developing the intricate details of all styles of events to ensure they deliver on your story. Whether you’re planning a vibrant wedding, or an out-of-the-ordinary work event.

Food philosophy:
full belly, happy heart

Key Team Member

Elvis Abrahanowicz


When his family moved to Sydney when Elvis was seven, their Sunday tradition didn’t change one bit. They’d host a big, Argentinian-style barbeque every week at their home in Fairfield. Growing up helping his father tend to the charcoal at these events, the transition into the kitchen was second nature for Elvis. His passion is bringing life and awareness to the secondary cuts that are traditional in Argentina, popular for flavour and texture. The charcoal and fire are a slow cooking method – allowing the meat to take its time, the Argentinian way.

Ben Milgate


Working in kitchens since his childhood years, Ben loved the environment so much that he put in the hard yards working his way up from a dishwasher all the way to head chef. After extensive time travelling through South America, he completely fell in love not only with the food but the entire cultural approach to food – the sharing, the rituals, the joy of everyone around the table. And it’s this he hopes to bring to guests at Casa Porteño.

Joseph Valore


Being surrounded by wine from a young age at his family’s bottleshop, Joe was lucky to grow up not only with an appreciation for great quality wine, but with a family-minded approach to business. The Porteño crew are truly family (Elvis and Joe are brothers-in-law) but through their shared love of their concept and the hospitality industry, everyone across the group has turned into one big family. It’s the one true constant across the group’s venues, and introducing events into that portfolio was only natural.